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Internet Casinos

Internet casinos are a thing. As a matter of fact, they started to exist in the early days of world wide web. Why? Well, we know that gambling itself has been around as long as any civilization. In that sense it is not a miracle that they went online as soon as it was possible. We are talking about the late 90´s. That is how long ago online gambling started. Some igaming companies from that time still exist.

Do not worry. If you have not yet tried them, there is no need to feel shame. There is always a right time to try them for the first time.

And it is not a wonder that many have been avoiding them. They do have this stigma around them. That they are not to be trusted or only some odd addicts play on them. That is not true. If you are just someone who would like to play occasionally, then you are like most of the people playing on internet casinos.

Where and who can you play internet casinos?

So, where can you play internet casinos? The answer could be as simple as “anywhere that you have access to internet”. Basically, it is like that, but not always. There are several rules around it.

First of all, everyone cannot play. You must be in legal gambling age in your own country. So you should check your own local laws for that age.

Then again, there are more laws around this. Some countries ban internet casinos. That means, nobody residing in that country can play. So, the advice here is the same. Check your local laws.

Also, depending on where you are from, it might be possible to only play on internet casinos that have a license from your own country. That limits your options quite a lot. If this is not the case, then you have a lot of options, which also comes with a lot of responsibility.

If your country allows you to play and you are an adult. Then you can play. Next thing to do is to find a trustworthy place to gamble.

Can you trust them?

The answer in here is that you cannot blindly trust them all. You have your own responsibility to find one which you can trust. So next we will tell you some factors you should look into when you are looking for one.

First of all, internationally, MGA casinos are the best option for everyone. This is because they are licensed by the MGA, which means they are regulated. They have certain rules they need to follow. Mostly, they need to take care of their players. Over there, rookies are usually in good hands. The downside is that these casinos do not usually have so many language options and they might not accept players from everywhere.

Curacao casinos instead have wider options of languages and accepted countries. However, they are not known as so trustworthy since it will be difficult to get help if you face any obstacles.

There is a known fact, that UK players can trust their internet casinos the most. This is because their licenser, UKGC takes any matter very seriously. No wonder UK bookmakers have the best reputation in the world.

Then again, Canadian internet casinos might be the next best thing. That of course is only, if you live there. So far it has been a so-called grey market, but for example. Ontario online casinos are now all regulated, which always means more safety for the players.

PnP internet casinos

If you are one of those lucky ones who live in a country that support PnP casinos you are – lucky. That means you do not have to even create an account when you start to gamble. All you need to have is online banking account and that is it. The payment carrier transfers your deposit to the casino and that creates your account as well. This usually means high-speed withdrawals too. Unfortunately, there are not yet too many countries that support this option, but we hope it to become available in more countries.

Benefits compared to land-based casinos

This of course is completely based on everyone´s liking. But the best thing of playing on internet casinos is that you do not have to go to a separate place to do that. You can play from home, bus, park etc. Up to you. Obviously, the atmosphere is not as good. By that we mean there are no suited people around you bringing you drinks or creating the mood by shouting. Then again, you won´t be getting cashbacks at a land-based casino either. As mentioned, it is all about your preferences. Though, nobody says you cannot do them both.

Play responsibly

Internet casinos can be a fun way to spend some time online. As long as you remember to play responsibly. You should never try to chase a money you have lost, and you should stick within the limits you have set for yourself. That means having funds that you should not exceed and setting up a time-limit you can play in a certain amount of time, for example per week. This way your gambling will be treated as entertainment and not as a money-making machine. There is no guarantee for that.

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